Spritztube tracheal tube

Spritztube, patented by Med Europe Srl, is a supraglottic airway device with reinforced silicone body, resterilizable up to 30 times. It is equipped with 2 distinct inflating cuffs. The distal cuff for esophagus occlusion  is filled with 10 cc of air and the 60 cc proximal one is used to maintain the cannula stable and in place for the supraglottic ventilation during the fiberscope intubation procedure.


The Spritztube is designed for difficult airway management in the operating room setting as well as in emergency. It combines the well-known procedures of oro-tracheal intubation and supraglottic ventilation, for short-term applications.


Before use, please read carefully the instructions. The device is intended to be used in hospital environment and must be inserted, handled and removed only by or under the supervision of the qualified and authorized  medical staff.

The following techniques are described for information purpose only. It is the anesthetist’s decision to choose a proper procedure based on one’s experience and the patient’s conditions.


Not for use on newborns and children.

Not for sale or use in ways not specified by the product’s instructions.

Not for use in patients with hypersensitivity to silicone.


If the package is sealed and intact its content is sterile.

Do not use if the package has already been opened.

Use immediately after opening.

Once the package is opened, examine the device for any visible defects. If any are found, do not use the device.

Any damage caused to the device by blades or needles may reduce its tensile force. Pay close attention during insertion, use and removal. If the cannula is perforated, do not use it.

It is recommended to monitor constantly the balloons’ inflation pressure by checking the condition of the cuffs.

It is recommended not to deflate the cuffs completely when “in vivo”, if not to remove them.

The tube must be inserted and removed manually (instrumental operation may cause its damage) with light and constant pressure.

Max balloon inflation pressure: 66 mmHg / 90 cmH2O.

Technical data

Numerical graduation and reference marks every cm from 20 to 30 cm starting from the tip of the proximal tube.

Shore:  50 ± 3.

Materials: silicone (tube, balloons and cuffs), polysulfone (connector), polypropylene (valves), silicone-covered malleable steel (stylet).

Latex free.


In compliance with the applicable regulaltions on the medical waste disposal.

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